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M Marquees Frequently Asked Questions

Q   How many guests can I accommodate in a marquee   Q   Is it possible to erect a marquee on sloping ground?
A   We can provide a marquee to cater for your required amount of guests, so tell us how many people and we’ll do the rest   A   This is tricky, in order to asses the situation a site visit would be essential only then can it be judged.
Q   How much does a marquee cost and what is included in that cost?   Q   Can you supply other things apart from the marquee?
A   There are so many variant it is impossible to say, but fill in the form and we can give you a starting point to getting your event organised. Your marquee can be a simple or as lavish as you want.   A   Yes we offer a full range of services : tables, chairs. Lighting, generators, dance floors, interior linings in variety of colours, backdrops, top tables, toilets and much more: contact us for more details.
Q   Are the marquees safe?   Q   What do we do for power?
A   Yes, our marquees are fully staked and weighted and completely fire resistant and weatherproof. They are made in accordance with EC safety standards. However to ensure a dry floor in wet conditions we would recommend that you have a hard floor.   A   Our marquees do not need any extra power requirements unless you are providing catering or having a band etc. We can normally run our cables 50m to the nearest power supply. Otherwise a generator would need to be supplied.
Q   Will are a marquee withstand bad weather?   Q   When do I Pay?
A   Unless exceptional weather, I.E winds over 60mph, you should experience no problems in our marquees. The marquees are weather resistant   A   A 25% deposit is requested upon booking and the balance once the job has been completed. (Please refer to terms & conditions).
Q   Lighting in your marquee?   Q   Is there a delivery charge?
A   Our standard lighting is chandeliers . However we can also provide rope light canopies, star cloth sky, Uplights, Moroccan lighting and more. Outdoor spotlights are also available.   A   Depending on how far the event is delivery charge is free up to 30 miles from our base.
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